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TTRadio#10_Tuğçe Kurtiş

A very special guest and a very special friend on this 10th chapter of TTRadio <3 Originally from Istanbul and currently based in Berlin, @tugce-kurtis is a singer, producer and the founder of the Kybele project. Tuğçe started singing at age 6 and since then performed at many occasions in Turkey, Europe, the US, and Latin America. To this date, she has collaborated with Paraguayan musician and producer Santi on three albums: Ciclico (2014), Songs for Another Day (2015), and El Regreso del Gallito (2016). She has also released numerous singles: Istanbul'a (2017), Inochi (2017), Out of the Blue (2017), Donde Va (2016), Sevda Cicegi (2016) and Backflash (2015). These days, she is about to release her solo EP “Songs for my Grandmother” dedicated to the memory of her grandparents. Founded in November 2016, her project @kybelean puts an emphasis on the bounty and beauty of the creative works of women in music through weekly podcasts curated by women producers and DJs. In addition to bringing greater visibility to women producers and DJs from around the world, Kybele further promotes emerging and established artists of all backgrounds through the “Friends of Kybele” series. So far, Kybele has released a wide variety of music in great abundance (77 podcasts, 45 of which are by women producers/DJs and the debut EP of an emerging artist) and continues to develop opportunities for greater collaboration and broader inclusion of artists from around the world. Tropical Twista Records is very happy to share this set by Tuğçe on the first year birthday of her beloved Kybele project. To follow Tuğçe Kurtiş in social media: Soundcloud: @tugce-kurtis / @kybelean Bandcamp: Facebook: /

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