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@festavengavenga its a brazilian party that mixes rhythms, harmonies, frequencies from various places around the world. This cultural project invites you to transcendence, blending folklore with musical experience. These sons of nomadism, display sounds and aesthetics that go from the eccentricity of remote cultures to the most metropolitan subversions. Since 2013, this project developed by the brazilian artists Denny Azevedo and Ricardo Don, it’s become a platform for “itinerant cultural movement”, creating happenings, performance, installations, graphic and multimedia arts, about cultural appropriation, migrations, sexual diversity or urban exploration. The goal of their works is renewing and restructuring cultural symbols, through synesthesia and hedonism, interacting with the audience. Musically they offer a sonic journey through myths and rythms from every continent, resulting in a global-bass cultural patchwork, which leads to a sensitive experience of collective catharsis, giving the audience the role of “collective interpreter” instead of simple witness. Tracklist: Sem teto - Cinema Ossâim - Ohxalá Obalua - Ticoãs (Lagartijeando remix) Tempestado Festa - Orquestra de tambores de Alagoas Folclore do Futuro - ¡VENGA-VENGA! Raggatimosferico - Furmiga Dub Feira de Mangaio - Mission Delirium (Borchi Bootleg) Caldo de Cana - Quarteto de Olinda (Larry SKG Remix) The Goddess - Hataah Karabiber - Burhan Öçal Só quero um Xodó - Mulheres Negras Metaterraza - San Ignacio Baile Sangue Quente - Lei di Dai Indian Ghetto Blaster - Stas Sada Vasda Raje Punjab - Mahendra Kapoor vs Uproot Andy (Rafael Aragon Edit) The Greatest Name that Lives - Lata Ramasar Zurnasso - Kosta Kostov e Samual Tegaro Na Madruga - BasSista (Branko Club Atlas Edit) Enviadescer - Linn da Quebrada Blood - Stas Matimba - Afropanico Mulher do Fim do Mundo - Elza Soares (Omulu Remix) Tribal Belly Dance - Chase Gypsy Caravan Circulate False Notes - Filastine Macumba Sheeqo Beat remix - Hinojosa amp Zambrano Ft. David Quijada To know more about ¡VENGA-VENGA!, follow the social media profiles: Facebook: Soundcloud: @festavengavenga Tumblr:

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